In Loving Memory of Sifu Dr.Teddy Wong Ph.D (Wong Tiet Wai)

Sept. 1, 1938 - July 8, 2017

Sifu Wong has dedicated nearly his entire life to learning martial arts. He chose to master Wing Tzun under Sigung Sum Nung and Sihing Leung Dai Chiu. Sifu Wong shared Wing Tzun with thousands of students through seminars, performances, articles and private instruction.
Sifu Wong was a mentor to many, not only in martial arts, but also in mathematics. He possessed a Doctorate in mathematics from New York University (NYU) and was a mathematics professor. He was also an author to an advanced mathematics text book.

Wing Tzun (also spelled Wing Chun) is a Chinese martial art that dates back to the southern Shaolin Temple. Folklore tells that it was created by a Buddhist female nun who put all the knowledge of the martial arts and condensed it to its most practical, supple techniques, enabling a smaller, weaker person to defeat a larger, stronger person. As the old adage goes, it uses your brains rather than just brute force. Examples of this is the use of redirecting force rather than over powering it. It’s about simultaneously blocking and striking, and trapping and striking, vulnerable body locations with relaxed, explosive speed.

Wing Tzun applies all circles of fighting; however, specializes in close range fighting. There are arm locks, counters to locks, take downs and kicks within the art. The curriculum includes several forms and uses training devices such as the Rattan Ring and the Wooden Dummy. Chi Sau and Chi Gerk, translated as sticky hands and sticky legs, are controlled sparring exercises taught to learn sensitivity on your arms, legs and develop reflexes. Once an advanced student makes contact on their opponent, they do not need to use their eyes. Free sparring with gear is practiced to test and apply all learned self-defense. This art was created to end an attack immediately, therefore, it is not practical in popular tournament fighting due to the rules such as no eye gouging, small joint manipulation, groin attacks, throat strikes and downward strikes with the elbow, to name a few. The pole and butterfly knives are the weapons of the art.

Today, Wing Tzun is widely practiced all over the world. Some people are unaware that the Martial arts icon, Bruce Lee’s foundation, in martial arts was Wing Tzun and was one of the first to teach the art to Americans. Modern actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, Nicholas Cage and Jackie Chan, to name a few, study and incorporate Wing Tzun into their movies. More and more law enforcement agencies are incorporating the art in their academies for its effectiveness in seizing and controlling moves. NFL teams have had their players attend seminars to improve their redirecting of energy against other players on the line. As Wing Tzun spreads, people are enjoying its benefits in all walks of life.

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